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The following Testimonials were provided by individual satisfied users or the SOLTRON® product. The claims and statements made are those of the individuals, and are not to be construed as documented case studies. Your results may vary.
Pete M. ~ Asheville, NC

I have had the opportunity to use Soltron under controlled and constant conditions in several vehicles lately; Each time completing highway trips of 800 miles each. One vehicle was a 2000 Toyota Tundra FWD pickup, the other a 26' commercial moving truck.

Adding one ounce per 30 gallons as recommended, I realized modest increases in fuel economy, but most noteworthy was a perceptible improvement in engine performance; the most dramatic being with the moving truck. Fully grossed at 22,000 pounds, I could barely limp up significant grades in the Great Smokey Mountains as I began my journey North. I seriously contemplated returning to the dealership. However, I had added the Soltron when I topped off the tank, and after about 30 miles of travel, the engine smoothed out noticeably and began developing significantly more power. This performance remained for the duration of the trip.

Similarly, the Tundra, which had been in storage for 6 months, ran roughly, idled erratically and lacked power. Adding Soltron rapidly eliminated all of these symptoms. I now keep Soltron in ALL my fuel, whether being stored, or in everyday use.

I recommend this product without reservation!

Jack Hallick ~ Albuquerque, NM

2003 Accura 3.2CL Type S gets significant increase in performance, and mileage, running on regular fuel.

Don Swain ~ Lexington, KY

I am a 58 year old businessman. The bottom line is SOLTRON® works. My very old John Deere diesel tractor starts much faster and runs smoother. My 1989 S10 pickup with 198,000 miles has been a trashed and bashed farm truck forever. It starts much faster and idles without dieing. I am now using SOLTRON® in my 2000 Dodge Dakota with 130,000 miles (starts and sounds better) and last but not least my BMW X5 4.4 engine required 91+ octane. Not any more. It runs perfect on 87 with SOLTRON®. This saves me $5 per fill up. I am more into performance than mileage so I'll leave that area to others but I will certainly take both.

Denny & Nancy Goff ~ Lake City, Michigan

We drive a 2004 Ford 150 Crew Cab. The first few tankfuls of SOLTRON® treated fuel weren't really impressive, except for perhaps a small increase in power. Then on our trip home from Lexington, KY. we got 19 mpg! We now average 17.5 mpg in general everyday driving--which is a 2 mile per gallon increase. The really BIG payoff, though, is our 1999 Cadillac DeVille. Not only has SOLTRON® increased our mileage(25.7 vs. 23.5 average) but we are no longer using premium fuel! The local station where we usually buy our gas sells regular and mid-grade for the same price so we've been using mid-grade at a savings of $ .20 (twenty) cents a gallon!!!And the car runs and performs as well, if not better than on premium. We're using SOLTRON® in everything with an engine! Another big plus is since everything is burning so much cleaner, we're putting fewer pollutants in the air. It's an all-around win.

Tom Shoemaker
TT&J Manufactured Home Transport ~ Clare, Michigan

1999 Suburban - Now getting over 19 MPG at 70+ MPH
Mobile Home Toter - Big Cam Cummins Diesel. Average increase, 1 MPG (approx. 20%) with very noticeable power increase.

Lee Thomas ~ Mecosta, MI

Until now, Judy and I were lucky to get 15 mpg on our LeSharo motorhome. Now that we have used SOLTRON®, we have been getting between 18.5 and 19.4 mpg. Let the numbers speak for themselves! Lee Thomas Mecosta, MI

Bob Isaacs ~ Paris, KY

Thanks for introducing us to such a great product. I was really surprised that I could actually tell my 97 Ford 150 Pickup (with 230,000 miles) had more power with in the first thirty minutes after adding the SOLTRON®. I was even more impressed when I checked my gas mileage after the second tank it was up from about 12 miles per gallon to 15.5 miles per gallon and then after the third tank it was up to 16.5 miles per gallon. That's a whopping 25% increase in gas mileage. I can't tell enough people about this amazing product.

Dave Gile
St. John, Indiana

Over the past number of years I have looked at various additives and gadgets. I never found anything I felt that worked, until I tested SOLTRON®. I decided to take my '97 Gold Wing motorcycle out for a spin and test the SOLTRON®

Thomas Ray ~ Central Michigan

Chrysler 3.3Ltr V-6 - from 21.6 MPH to over 25
Bronco XLT V-8 work truck - added over 75 miles per tank
Evinrude 150HP V-6 on 19' Deck Boat - idles and runs smoother, burns cleaner, more torque
Lawn Tractor w/ 15HP Kohler - faster starts, smoother idle, more torque in deep grass, runs much longer per tank of fuel
Also very noticeable difference in weed eater, chain saws, everything we have tried it in.


Excellent Results............... Thank you SOLTRON®

John Rustin ~ Laurel, Mississippi

My results using SOLTRON® Fuel Treatment. I drive a 1995 Ford Crown Vic for my work car. It has always gotten good MPG. It averages 24 to 25 MPG in most driving situations. The very best was 28 MPG which was strictly interstate driving when traveling out of state. After using the SOLTRON® Fuel Treatment I checked the interstate mileage again and got 30 MPG which is a 7% increase saving me a net of 15.5 cents per gallon on gasoline costing $2.80 per gallon. A good friend of mine tried it in his diesel pick up truck and his MGP went from 15 to 16.5, a 10% increase. This stuff works.