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Soltron® ~ Fleet and Commercial Use

Faster Starts, More Power
Use Less Fuel

Improves economy, power

Reduces smoke and soot

Reduces toxic emissions

Removes sludge, moisture

Cleans injectors, fuel tanks

Disperses bacteria, mold

Stops knocking and pinging

Prevents fuel deterioration

Lowers maintenance costs

More than Pays for Itself

Soltron® works great in all fuels, even BioDiesel, BioDiesel Blends, Low Sulfur and USLD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel).

Soltron® reduces harmful fuel contaminants that lower fuel lubricity and plug filters, including water, rust, sludge, biomass, gums, resins, and varnish, thus protecting fuel pumps and injectors from excessive wear.

1 Gal. Treats up to
4,000 Gallons of Fuel

5 Gal. Treats up to
20,000 Gallons of Fuel

55 Gal. Treats up to
220,000 Gallons of Fuel

55 Gallon Drum picture, not to scale

Soltron ® also fights fuel aging, assuring you that your engine will start and run perfectly whenever you need it.